Friday, February 06, 2004

Birmingham in the Rain.

Birmingham in the rain. Again. Not the greatest of starts to the weekend. If you are planning to get out this weekend you may want to try catching Tim Burtons new film 'Big Fish'. A beautiful, whimsical tale. Or maybe if you can the one and only Jack Black in 'School of Rock'. Long live the D.
I'll post a review of 'Big Fish' here soon.
Enjoy the weekend wherever you happen to be.

Thursday, February 05, 2004


Just watched a Region 1 DVD of a series called 'REBOOT' made by Mainframe in the 90's. It is filled with homages to a whole range of films and TV show. The story itself is fantasic and anybody with a love of CG animation, films, toons and comics would do themselves a favour by hunting it down.
Too much TV today is treating the viewer like an idiot, and even though this series is created for childrens TV, it treats it's whole audience like intelligent people. Treat yourself and let loose your inner child.