Friday, July 20, 2007

My Pocket Emo

Something else to fill my pages as I'm to depressed to write anything new.

The Which Lolcat Are You? Test Results

Your Score: Lion Warning Cat

51% Affectionate, 57% Excitable, 26% Hungry

You are the good Samaritan of the lolcat world. Protecting others from danger by shouting observations and guidance in cases of imminent threat, you believe in the well-being of everyone.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Headphones R.I.P?

My faithful pair of headphones fell apart this weekend, so I had to go and purchase a new pair. This was not as easy as I had expected. The choice was limited and only a few stores had headphones in my rather limited price range. Eventually I managed to get some from HMV. But all this faffing around got me thinking. Does anyone actually buy headphones these days? And more importantly does anyone still use them?

Sure you see people wandering around with their ears full of plastic, but these are probably iPod users and they can only listen to their music by using headphones. But the more recent trend is to use your mobile phone to store your music and even though you get headphones in the box, everyone I come across who has music on their phone uses the rather poor inbuilt speaker to play it. OK, so I travel on public transport a lot and this is mostly where several people compete to play their music loudest – but come on, why can’t they use headphones. And another thing, why is it always music I’ve never heard before that’s being played.

I think its’ time the Government or some Health agency stepped in and set up a free headphone helpline for these poor individuals who are suffering from a tinny speaker addiction. Perhaps with a little help we can cure this affliction and make the personal music player, whether it’s a MP3 player or a mobile, personal again. Until then I think I’ll load up my phone with some obscure Karlheinz Stockhausen to play on the bus, whilst listening to the music I want to hear through my new pair of headphones.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Man of Iron

So how cool is the new Iron Man movie looking - judging by these photographs this could be the Ultimate Marvel movie. Loving how this is looking, the Grey Iron Man suit - the pacemaker - just awesome. And Robert Downey Jr looks perfect. Can't wait to see this stuff in motion.

Head over to the official Iron Man movie website to sign up for updates.

Has anybody seen April?

What happened to April? The whole month has just flashed by.
Still lots to look forward to this month - Spider-Man 3 first. Will I post a review or will it be several months before I post again. If your the lone person who reads this come back soon to find out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Run, Fatboy, Run

Hey, no posts for 2 years, then 3 in two days. So we've had Pirates and Cops now for something completely different. Simon Pegg is soon to appear in a new film called Run, Fatboy, Run. Here's the trailer - looks like it could be a winner.

HOT FUZZ - Best Film Ever!

I loved Shaun of the Dead. Didn't know if Simon, Edgar and Nick could catch lightning in a bottle twice. But boy, these guys are the future of British film making. This film is a treat from start to finish. I was gripped from beginning to end. I cannot stress how much you should see this film in the cinema. Go and see it right now if you can - look work won't miss you for a couple of hours so just go now. This is the way forward for British film.

If you don't know about the film, have a look at this trailer to get a taste of what your missing.

Now go visit the official website for even more Hot Fuzz action.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pirates Return!

The last film in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy hits cinemas this summer. Will Captain Jack survive his encounter with the Krakken? Will Elizabeth and Wil finally get it together? Will Keith Richards be able to act? As a taster to one of the most anticipated films of the year here is the lastest trailer, in genuine PirateVision -