Saturday, February 12, 2005

Captain Scarlet

Gerry Anderson is back!

No longer using puppets, Gerry Anderson returns to the screen with a CGI update of the classic Captain Scarlet (the new system is called Hypermarionation). It looks fantastic and really raises the bar for this kind of TV show. The only problem is the way the show has been scheduled. Rather than a stand along show, it has been inserted in Ministry of Mayhem, and boy what a mess they make of it. The programme is split into top halves without any real thought and we have to wait 10-15 minutes for the second half while being tortured by what goes for entertainment on a Saturday morning (this week it was guess who was the real Mom of some guy from Blue!).

Hopefully this will get an uncut DVD release somewhere in the near future but for now me and my son really enjoyed it and will video next weeks episode so we can just fast forward thru the pointless (to us at least) waffle that splits the show in half.
Recommended for new and old Scarlet fans alike.

Spectrum is Green again.

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Official Rex the Runt Home Page

The Official Rex the Runt Home Page

Rex The Runt - A fantastic Aardmann animation from a few years ago. Very funny and quirky but for some reason not available on region 2 DVD. Have a look at the official site to find out more.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Another Rainy Day...

Another rainy day here, and the day is going slowly. Over the past few days it has emerged that the Sony PSP (Portable Playstation) has had its European launch date put back to summer 2005. I still haven't decided if I was going to get one of them or the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo machine is still due for release in March and is currently being pre-ordered on for £94. I have heard lots of good things about the DS and may be tempted to pick on up. It's quite difficult these days to find time at home to sit down in front of the PS2 or Gamecube for a game playing session. The DS is featuring some great games that I could carry around and play on the bus or at lunch.
I wonder if this new machine will boost Nintendo's fortunes in the UK. This country doesn't seem to be that big a fan of Nintendo, which is viewed as a kids company. Nintendo has always been the best producer of games and have showed great originality in what they produce. Somehow we in the UK just prefer to play the same old thing over and over again. Somehow I imagine the DS will do well enough but the PSP with its conversions of the usual PS2 games will be the more successful.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Alien Vs. Predator Review

Aliens Vs Predator or AVP as the marketing people would like us to call it, is a film that fails to deliver on the story most fans will have imagined. Taking 2 of cinemas most loved monsters and throwing them together was always going to get the fans excited. Having waited so long to see either on screen again makes it all the more anticipated.

But anyone expecting to see the film that hits the heights of Aliens or Predator will feel disappointed. This film is aimed squarely at those people who have discovered these characters through TV showings of the films and video games. This lacks the power of the first films and pays lip service to the horror/scares of the originals. The sight of these iconic characters will still send a shiver down the spine as they scuttle through the shadows or phase in their cloaking shields, but it quickly loses the power of fear through suggested danger and becomes a regular action movie.

Now all this is not a bad thing, it just isn’t the film you’ve dreamed of. The focus on the human characters early in is nice, but you quickly lose interest in them when the monsters appear, none of them having built up sufficient presence to make you concerned about their fate. The development of one of the characters is far to similar to the plot in Predator 2, to really stand out as something new and you do get the feeling of being here before. The appearance of a familiar face from previous films is wasted as no connection is really made to future events.
To keep this film as an audience friendly 15 (would the number of people going to see this film have really been affected with an 18 certificate), many of the key elements of the Alien and Predator mythology are sidelined, sure we have seen the chestbusters before but it would have been nice to see a new interpretation. I would have liked to see the reasons behind the Predators use of the Alien and their fear of it explored further.

Still as an action orientated film this works. Its great to see these creatures on screen again and hopefully this will kick-start a revived interest in the characters. If you have any interest in this kind of thing, get yourself a ticket. Just don’t expect too much – you’ll be entertained but will most certainly want a little something more.
If future makers of this series of films can explore the universe of ideas available to them we may still get the definitive Aliens/Predator movie.
Until then the best one will always be in your nightmares.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Spaced Out

Spaced Out - Home

Get more information on the hit Channel 4/Paramount Comedy Channel show 'Spaced'. Folow the adventures of 20 somethings Tim and Daisy and their friends and chat with like minded people in the Chat/Forum Section. A great site and a great show - recommended.