Thursday, June 28, 2007

Headphones R.I.P?

My faithful pair of headphones fell apart this weekend, so I had to go and purchase a new pair. This was not as easy as I had expected. The choice was limited and only a few stores had headphones in my rather limited price range. Eventually I managed to get some from HMV. But all this faffing around got me thinking. Does anyone actually buy headphones these days? And more importantly does anyone still use them?

Sure you see people wandering around with their ears full of plastic, but these are probably iPod users and they can only listen to their music by using headphones. But the more recent trend is to use your mobile phone to store your music and even though you get headphones in the box, everyone I come across who has music on their phone uses the rather poor inbuilt speaker to play it. OK, so I travel on public transport a lot and this is mostly where several people compete to play their music loudest – but come on, why can’t they use headphones. And another thing, why is it always music I’ve never heard before that’s being played.

I think its’ time the Government or some Health agency stepped in and set up a free headphone helpline for these poor individuals who are suffering from a tinny speaker addiction. Perhaps with a little help we can cure this affliction and make the personal music player, whether it’s a MP3 player or a mobile, personal again. Until then I think I’ll load up my phone with some obscure Karlheinz Stockhausen to play on the bus, whilst listening to the music I want to hear through my new pair of headphones.